Using Promotional Caps to Attract More Prospective Business Clients

You as a business person know that you need to have a strong business marketing strategy in order to gain an edge over the competition. So how can promotional caps attract more business clients while you are launching a well thought out business promotion campaign? Well, these very popular promotional products are one of the best marketing and advertising strategies going in the market today.

Just imagine that you are exploring a major tourist attraction in your city, in a leisurely way. Suddenly you see a group of very well-dressed and/or well-behaved people, wearing quite attractive promotional caps of one particular company, with the logo clearly printed or embroidered on them.What is your first impression? Are they employees of that particular company, on an annual trip together? Where did they get those caps if they are not to the employees of the company.

As you ask yourself these questions, that particular company has already achieved its objective – it has advertised its logo and made you think about it, its products and its services. This is the particular aim and goal of all those companies out there who are trying to get your custom. So the idea of using promotional products in the shape of hats,caps, T-shirts, polo shirts, sneakers and other items of clothing is a good way in which companies can promote their brand, as well as get you to recognize their standing in the market.

How can a good quality promotional business cap increase your business prospects? Firstly, it is a cheap advertising medium compared to other expensive advertising mediums like the TV, journals, radio, et cetera. Also, these caps are really good way in which you can show unity and solidarity. Get these caps embroidered or printed with your logo. Get your employees to use them often, even after office hours. Get your employees to hand them out to their friends, especially those who have an active social life. This silent medium of advertising and marketing is going to pay you a lot of constructive and potentially profitable dividends in the future.

Have you noticed employees of a company in a trade fair or at an exhibition? They never take their company caps or their jackets imprinted with the company logo off, even when they are off duty- like having lunch or looking at the other stalls at the fair. They are doing their own bit for the company, by circulating in the crowds and promoting your company’s presence there.

So now that you know how top-quality promotional products like promotional caps, hats, T-shirts and other such clothing promotional items can increase your business prospects and get you more potential customers, you should get your personalized and customized promotional items, from a well-established company.

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Have Fun Entertaining Business Clients

However, hosting business clients is not like hanging out with your buddies at the local tavern.

To entertain clients successfully will require planning and extra effort on your part.

What Does Your Client Enjoy Doing?

What does your client like to do? Do they enjoy playing golf? Golf is always a popular choice. It offers an opportunity to spend an extended amount of time in a recreational setting relatively free from distraction. This allows plenty of time for you and your client to get to know each other and chat about business matters.

Everyone enjoys eating out at fine restaurants. There’s something about good food and a glass of wine that reduces anxiety and makes people feel at ease. Eating out can be rather routine, so find an exclusive restaurant with a fine chef and entertainment. Make it a unique experience for your client.

Cultural events such as plays, concerts, and sports events are a nice touch as well.

However, there is little opportunity to talk business during these types of outings, so consider events such as these as simply an opportunity for you and your client to get to know each better.

Entertaining Clients Takes Work

Unless you are just a naturally outgoing and talkative individual, making interesting conversation with a relative stranger for an extended period of time can be difficult for many people. Here are some tips to consider:

o Make some notes on conversation points. If you’ve done your homework, then you’ll know what your client likes and dislikes are. Perhaps you have something in common… an interest in classic cars, for instance.

o A great icebreaker is to study up on a couple of “nice” jokes, and practice your delivery.

o Minimize distractions. Shut off your cell phone. Send the kids to grandma’s house, and be sure your car has plenty of gas. Make sure your full attention is on creating an entertaining evening for your client.

o Though you’ll be in a more relaxed setting, maintain a sense of decorum. You are a reflection of your company.

o Determine your goals and what you hope to achieve, and build your evening around that.

Laughter and fun help to tears down walls, reduces tension, and paves the way to entertaining and productive conversation.

Plan and execute an evening that will be remembered by your client in a positive manner for years to come.

Do Your Small Business Clients Have the Right Insurance to Weather a Winter Storm?

Winter storms are second only to hurricanes and tornadoes in terms of insured dollar losses: about $1.25 billion per year. Unfortunately, many small businesses owners may not understand the risks that winter storms pose to their businesses. While property damage may be the most obvious hazard, they need to be aware of other risks, including:

  • Equipment damage
  • Loss of income if the business is unable to operate
  • Liability for damages or injuries

As insurance agents, it’s our job to help our small business clients assess these risks and choose the right policies to protect their businesses.

Property damage

The most common property damage caused by winter weather includes:

  • Roof damage – Heavy snow and ice can put incredible strain on roofs, particularly the flat roofs that cover many commercial buildings. Winter newscasts are often filled with “collapsed roof” footage; these are almost always businesses, not residential structures.
  • Water damage – This is caused mainly by:

o Burst pipes – When water freezes, it expands. This expansion is powerful enough to crack pipes made of metal or plastic – and the resulting damage from water pouring out of leaking pipes is usually extensive and costly.

o Clogged gutters, i.e., “ice dams” – Ice dams occur when melting ice and snow can’t flow freely through gutters. Water backs up behind these frozen dams and with nowhere else to go, seeps into ceilings and walls. It’s typically a mess – and expensive to repair.

Business owners are often presented with basic property coverage that covers “named perils” such as lightning, windstorms, explosions, fire, smoke and others. However, it’s important to note that the named perils may not include falling objects – including roofs – or water damage.

Coverage options

To help your clients cover this “insurance gap,” make them aware of these coverage options:

  • Broad-form property policies- These policies typically cover the “usual suspect” named perils, but can also include collapsed roofs and water damage.
  • “All-risks” policies- These policies cover businesses for property damage or loss due to just about any cause, with a few unlikely exceptions: war, nuclear hazards and the like.
  • Business owners package (BOP) policies – For small businesses needing $10,000 or more of coverage, a BOP is often the right choice. BOP policies cover property and equipment, loss of income, expenses, liability and more.

Other ways to help

Making sure clients have the winter insurance they need is a great service. But you can also help them by asking what they’re doing to prevent winter disasters. These questions might include:

· “When’s the last time you had your roof inspected?”

· “Do you clean your building’s gutters regularly?”

· “Are the water pipes in your building insulated?”

Take the time to show your small business clients that you’re looking out for them. Your effort will be rewarded with long-term, loyal clients for years to come – through all kinds of weather.

Legal Services for Business Clients

Business owners are always entering into deals, negotiations and contracts with other businesses. In order to protect their interests, these entrepreneurs need legal advice from professional lawyers and solicitors who are familiar with commercial legislation in their state or country. Whether one is a novice business owner, or a veteran entrepreneur, a small and medium sized business owner or the owner of a multinational company, everyone needs some form of legal advice.

A great lawyer will take their time to understand the individual needs of the company that they are representing. The attorney will listen to the interests of the business owner, and work hard to ensure that their client is satisfied. They will then draft a unique legal solution that is guaranteed to help the company to meet its goals easily and inexpensively.

Before hiring a business lawyer, it is important to ensure that they are specialized in commercial law. The attorneys should be able to think outside the box in order to come up with a solution to any legal problem that the business or company may face. By handling all the legal issues of a company, the attorneys are able to grant their clients some peace of mind so that they can continue to handle other important issues in their business.

Some of the legal issues that business clients face include employment litigation, commercial disputes, professional negligence claims, and property disputes, acquisitions and mergers. One can get a solicitor who will help them to settle any contractual disputes that they may have. Such issues include breach of contract and misrepresentation claims.

The lawyer can advise their client on how to deal with any property issue that is related to their business. They can also help to satisfactorily settle business disputes, including issues that are related to the shareholders, property, or family business disagreements. They will also advice the client on any regulations that concern their business so that the business owner does not find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

Other legal services offered by solicitors include defending the business or company against claims from consumers for breach of warranty, as well as any claims of professional neglect. They can also defend their business client from claims of fraud from other businesses or the government.

There are so many legal services that are offered in various states and countries throughout the world. All of these services are very important for any business, and therefore, entrepreneurs should consider hiring professional attorneys to handle all the legal matters relating to their business.