Mohair Throws Are A Great Gift Idea For Your Business Clients

Searching for the perfect gift for a valued business client can be difficult. However, thinking about products that are long lasting and high quality is a good start. One solution is a gorgeous mohair throw. Mohair throws are great gift ideas for your business clients, whether they are clients from home or overseas. A mohair throw is a versatile, luxurious and practical gift that will last a lifetime and provide happy memories that will remind the recipient of the giver over and over again. It can be used as a blanket at night, a knee rug, a sofa throw, a travel rug or even a stylish shawl.

Mohair is a silky yarn or fabric made from the hair of Angora goats and is one of the oldest textile fibres in use today. Angora goats are thought to have come from the Tibetan mountains and found their way to Turkey during the sixteenth century. They take their name from Ankara, an ancient Turkish city. Angora goats look gorgeous and the mohair fibre they produce is stunning and incredibly luxurious. It is also one of the warmest and most durable natural fibres around, as well as being particularly resilient.

Mohair is like wool in some ways, but it has many superior qualities to other natural fibres – which explains its status as a luxury item. It has a high lustre and a very low felting capacity. It doesn’t feel like wool and doesn’t cause itching, like some woollen fabrics. The fibre is extremely warm while still being lightweight. It has great insulation capabilities and is resistant to wrinkling, sagging stretching, creasing, crushing, matting and pilling. Because of the incredible durability of mohair, products made from this fibre last for years.

Taking all these factors into account, a mohair throw is an obvious gift choice for business clients where you want to express sincere thanks, high value and a long lasting business relationship. There are a huge range of mohair throws to choose from, in a wide variety of colours and colour combinations. If you want to guarantee that your business client will be blown away by your gift, a mohair throw is the way to go. They are suitable for both men and women, no matter the age and they weigh only a few hundred grams, making them easy to post and pack. Your overseas and local clients will really appreciate the thoughtfulness that has gone into choosing a mohair throw.

Personalised Mugs For Your Business Clients

If you run a business, you often will find the need to gift something either to your existing clients or prospective clients. Choosing the right corporate gift can be a difficult choice to make, as you want to give them something that is distinctive, but at the same time reasonably priced. Sometimes, the products you may want to gift your clients may be too pricey and quite outside your budget. So, what do you give them? Well, have you heard of something called, a promotional personalised mug?

A personalised mug with your brand logo would be the ideal gift for your business clients. It would add a personal touch and you can promote your business at the same time. Promotional mugs are the perfect way in which you can advertise your business. These are used by the whole family, as well as in office environments. Whether you like it or not when you are drinking tea or coffee, it is hard to ignore the special printed logo on your mug. People tend to carry their mugs around and leave them standing on places. This means that you have a lot more brand exposure.

Since you are going to be spending so much money on these personalised gifts, it is important that you choose the right one to gift to your business clients. There are various different types of mugs that you can choose from. There are many online stores that you can choose these various types of mugs from. These stores offer excellent discounts on bulk orders. Such stores also offer plenty of packaging offers that you could avail of. Impressive packing always leaves clients or anyone for that matter quite eager to open their packages. They will always remember businesses or people who have gone out of their way to take the trouble and effort to send them these personalised and thoughtful gifts.

Every business in order to succeed, needs to create and maintain strong relations with their stakeholders. By reinforcing to stakeholders that you are committed and dedicated to them, customers and clients will appreciate it and remain loyal to your business, as they know and understand your business and the way in which it works. Businesses need to have marketing tools in order to reach out to their customers. There are various tools that you as a businessman can use in order to promote your business. Personalised mugs, amongst other things are a very effective way to promote your organization.

Secret Tips for Keeping Business Clients Happy With Your Freelance Writing Services

Freelance writers pursue business clients for all of the right reasons. Businesses can offer writers lucrative assignments that are mutually beneficial. They make the business look good and they help the writer’s bottom line. Most businesses have lots of work and pay generously. So why do so many writers flub it when it comes to dealing with business clients? As tough as they are to land, they’re even harder to keep happy long term. That’s because writers and business people think very differently.

Business people think differently. How well you can keep your business client satisfied with your services depends on both the quality of your services and your ability to understand what your business clients need.

First of all, business clients think differently. They think everybody is in business. As a writer, you may roll out of bed at the crack of nine and stagger to your computer with a cup of coffee and work in your underwear. Writers know this. Business people do not.

Therefore, do not tell your business client about your various unsavory and unprofessional habits like letting your toddler answer your business line, cooking dinner while you proofread their articles, or drinking beer while writing taglines.

If you can afford it (and even if you can’t) get a dedicated phone line for business and answer it like it was a business line during business hours, which by the way, start somewhat before noon. If you can’t manage to talk on the phone with the sound of cartoons in the background, let it go to an answering machine and call back from a quiet place.

Business people get nervous trusting their multimillion dollar babies to people who watch cartoons in the middle of the day. Yes, I know it’s your kids who are watching the cartoons. Business people get nervous trusting their multimillion dollar babies to people who work sitting next to their kids all day.

Second, realize that business people remember what they say to you. If they say Thursday is your deadline, don’t let Thursday roll by without turning in your project or even calling them. Meet your deadlines. Stay within the scope of the assignment. Incorporate their suggestions. You can forget everything your spouse or kids or Oprah Winfrey says to you over the course of the day, but don’t practice selective deafness when your clients speak.

Third, you need to see things through your clients’ eyes. Your client is concerned with two things: his or her career and his or her company. You would think that would be in reverse order, but it’s not. You always want to make your client look good, first and foremost, and if you can do that in such a way that the company benefits, bonus! But serve your client.

Do you know why? Because companies don’t hire writers, people hire writers. Your client is a person. Make sure his or her needs are met in terms of writing (make him look good by delivering a top-notch product on time and on budget) and let him worry about saving Wall Street.

Fourth, it is okay to suggest new ideas to your client if you do it subtly and then pull back. Think of it like throwing pebbles at a window at night and then running away. Rarely have I seen a client jump at an upsell (that’s what they call it when you get one sale and you turn around and right away talk the client into buying something bigger or better), but I have had a lot of good results with the pitch-and-run approach. A few months later the client comes to me with a brilliant idea. They tell me what I told them! And then I can agree to the new job and applaud their incredible brilliance.

Finally, remember that people who work in the corporate mainstream are often overworked but not in the way that writers are overworked. Most of them spend long hours in uncomfortable clothing. They often have to travel or sit in endless meetings. This translates into something few writers appreciate: most corporate denizens feel completely powerless when it comes to control of their own time. It’s a weird sensation and one that does not sit well with most people.

For that reason, always respect the time of your business client. Keep phone calls and emails short and on-point. Don’t bother them with idle requests or superfluous questions. Keep chit-chat out of the conversation unless you get “led” by the business person that some personal banter is permissible.

How Do I Get More Business Clients

One of the greatest questions I have ever been asked was by a guy, who was selling products to businesses and who was trying to get more business clients. Since he was selling consulting, he asked if I had any particular hints or suggestions for that area in particular. Of course, I have many tips and suggestions how to get more business clients and since this question is frequently asked by many people, I decided to write the answer here, so that everybody can read it.

The first step to getting more business clients is to make a list of your existing business partners. You can ask your existing business partners to introduce you to companies and individuals they work with. In some cases existing vendors or customers of your partners could be interested in doing business with you, too.

For instance, one of my business partners is a speaker who makes presentations mainly to companies but also to associations. One of the benefits of establishing contacts with an association is that this is an organization of people from many different companies, so you get a lot of exposure.

His presentations include some advanced marketing tactics – i.e. a referral campaign and a lottery. Everybody, who gives a testimonial and gives his or her name and contact info, is eligible for the lottery. The lottery prizes are gift certificates with discounts for his presentations. This is great for him because this way he gets repetitive engagements.

The discounts he offers are not negligible – as far as I remember, his gift certificates were for $500 and $250. He usually charges $5,000 per presentation, so the discount is tangible. The catch is that if the certificate is not redeemed within a predefined period of time, for instance 3 or 6 months, it is voided. The risk to have the certificate expire makes people take action – in this case, to hire him for another presentation.

If the winner does not redeem the gift certificate, this is as if he or she had burned money. This moment is critical because this is the trigger for action – redeem or lose money. Everybody is happy with this arrangement because people enjoy his presentations and they get a gift certificate, which has a value and gives them one more excuse to hire him again.

If people have a good reason to hire you again, then they will. That is why, you should always think of creative ways to provide good reasons for rehiring, when you sell your services. The moment to do it is when the audience is gathered in front of you and are excited by your performance. Followup is essential because it will remind them of the nice moments with you and they will make the necessary steps to hire you again.