How To Select Corporate Gifts For Your Business Clients

Personal assistants are often in charge of selecting corporate gifts for business clients. At times, this may seem like an overwhelming task, as a lot of pressure may be placed on the personal assistant to buy exactly the right gift.

A personal assistant may also place a lot of pressure on themselves as well; in some companies their jobs may even hang in the balance if they send the wrong kind of corporate gifts to clients.

So how do you select corporate gifts for your business clients?

After all, a gift demonstrates how much the company values that client’s business. If a client doesn’t feel appreciated enough, then they may do business with the competition instead. And no company wants that to happen!

It’s important to send the right kind of gift to each business client. Appropriate and tasteful gifts will be a hit, while “joke” gifts may not be so well appreciated. In this kind of situation it’s always best to err on the side of caution and select a classy gift so that the client is in no doubt that the company values his or her business.

Some companies may have a “gift scale”. This means that for every $100,000 or even $1 million worth of business a client gives the company, they receive a gift costing x amount of dollars.

It’s important that the person in charge of selecting corporate gifts is aware of how much business each client has given the company for that year. That way, they will know how much to spend on each corporate gift, which means the boss and the client will both be happy.

The personal assistant or employee who has to buy the business gifts may have to show their boss what they have bought for each client and their reasons for doing so. If they can justify each purchase with facts and figures, then their boss may be so impressed with their performance that he gives them a bonus.

Selecting gift baskets or hampers from Hampers Only, an online store specialising in gift hampers, is one way to find tasteful gifts for valued clients. Since there are so many varieties of hampers and gift baskets to choose from, it should be easy to choose something appropriate for each business client.

Many people loving receiving gourmet gift baskets or wine hampers. If you would like to send wine hampers as corporate gifts, then it may be a good idea to check first to see if alcohol is an appropriate gift for that client. Otherwise, you can take your pick from Christmas gift hampers, gift baskets, gourmet chocolates, fruit hampers and golf hampers.

Hampers Only has many more different kinds of hampers, whether you’re sending a gift at Christmas or at any time of the year. Corporate hampers are a great way to show your appreciation to your business clients and help encourage them to continue doing business with you. So the next time you need to send a corporate gift, why not use Hampers Only for a stylish gift that’s sure to be a hit?

10 Great Gift Ideas For Your Business Clients

New Zealand is well known for its clean green quality image and you can make that image your own by choosing NZ made products and gifts for your business clients. Here are 10 great New Zealand gift ideas to impress your clients, enhance your reputation and make your brand stand out.

1. Coasters are the perfect gift. Coasters are small to pack, and can be easily branded with your logo. New Zealand made coasters featuring New Zealand landscapes, icons or flora and fauna are a fabulous gift for your business clients.

2. Native New Zealand Honey gift packs are an ideal way to promote your company and ensure your company is thought of in a positive light. Honey has a high degree of desirability and will be welcomed as a unique gift by your business clients. It’s long lasting, tastes delicious and is healthy too!

3. Coffee table books can be big or small but, either way, they’re the perfect business gift. You can write a special message inside, or have your logo foiled onto the cover, and you know that a book containing stunning New Zealand landscapes will be kept on show and be a great talking point.

4. Handmade New Zealand chocolates will always be well received by your business clients. The chocolates themselves may not be around for long, but the delicious memory will linger on. Treat your business clients to something really special by giving them a selection of exquisite chocolates from some of New Zealand’s most talented chocolate makers.

5. Magnetic paper clip holders are a quirky idea for a New Zealand gift to give your next business client. They will be visible on the your client’s desk, so your company name can be kept around for a long time by giving branded paper clips holders as a gift.

6. Greenstone is an iconic New Zealand stone which holds a special meaning when given as a gift to your loyal business clients. You can gift greenstone in many forms, from jewellery to artworks. The special thought that has gone into selecting greenstone will never be forgotten.

7. Gorgeous New Zealand platters are elegant gifts for your business clients and something that will be used time and time again. A platter even looks great standing alone on the business table without any food on it. You can find platters created in a wide range of shapes and sizes and from materials such as glass, wood and ceramics.

8. New Zealand Food Hampers make special gifts for your business clients. You can include wonderful New Zealand made olive oil, honey, cheese and chocolates as well as a wide variety of other NZ made products.

9. Mohair throws are a luxurious gift from New Zealand, and are perfect for that special business client who deserves the best. New Zealand mohair is soft, light and warm and will be a treasured gift for many years.

10. Paua is a delightful gift and is used to create many items including jewellery, magnets, tiles and coasters. It’s a beautiful part of New Zealand’s culture that makes an attractive statement and will certainly leave a lasting memory when given as a gift to your next business client.

Promotional Umbrellas – A Practical Gift For Your Business Clients

Promotional advertising has long been one of the most successful and natural ways for a business to market their products and services. You can find a number of businesses and organizations that will promote and advertise their brand using high-quality promotional umbrellas. Umbrellas are a great way to give a practical gift for your business clients. After all, in areas of the UK where there is a high amount of annual rainfall, promotional umbrellas are a welcome and appreciated gift for business customers who always need a quality umbrella on hand.

There are so many choices, styles and sizes of promotional umbrellas to choose from, it can be tough for a company to choose which ones are right for them. However, through some market research and analysis of your company, your marketing team can find the right umbrella to help promote your business and push it to the next level of success. You can make an informed decision about which promotional umbrellas your business clients will most appreciate.

The first thing to consider is your own budget. How much can you spend on promotional umbrellas for your business clients? Knowing the financial limitations your marketing team will be working within can be a smart first step, helping you to immediately eliminate or entertain different design options for your own bespoke promotional umbrella.

The next thing to consider is your timing. When will the promotional umbrellas be most practical and can your marketing team time the release of these promotional umbrellas in an effective way? If your business will be attending an industry trade show, you can distribute these promotional umbrellas to your business clients to encourage future partnerships and business transactions. If the trade show is during or right before your area’s rainy season, you can ensure that the promotional umbrella will be widely appreciated. If you distribute your promotional umbrella during a sunny season, the item might be put into the closet and forgotten, which will do little for your business’s advertising efforts!

Giving these promotional umbrellas away as special giveaways can be a smart way to advertise your business during the giveaway and through the actual umbrella itself. After all, every time the promotional umbrella will be opened and used, your business name and message will be seen, giving your business incredible exposure within your target market. Place your order for promotional umbrellas today.

5 Sure Shot Business-Client Satisfaction Ways

Though considered as very common, it is one of the most prominent aspects of a business. If you consider business as a battleground, client satisfaction will be the first and highly important turn; negligence in traces can either throw you out or bury you there itself.

Here are 5 crucial client satisfaction ways:

  1. Prioritize it!: Many often entrepreneurs ignore this. In the whole process of churning out competitive strategy, business owners usually forget the client satisfaction part. Business is all about the client’s response. Starting from chalking down a policy till reinforcing it, everything should be thought from a client’s perspective.
  2. Give them king size treatment: They are the boss! Pamper them; give king like treatment. Learn about their requirements. Take their feedback, work on their negative reviews. Update them regularly.
  3. Promise and Integrity needs to be maintained: Everything may be fair in love and war, but when it comes to business a broken promise can cost you dearly. Remember, promises are never made to be broken. Maintaining the business integrity and working through its objective are the backbone of a business.
  4. Formal Communication: Communication is of prime importance when client satisfaction is being discussed seriously. Let alone business, communication stands tall in each and every sort of mutual relationship, be it business or any sort of benefits. Policies and norms of the business should be clearly communicated to the client; be it through media or other procedures.
  5. Give more than they expect: This stands for every type of mutual satisfaction. The more you give, the more satisfaction the other party gets. Satisfaction is all about how much you give, what you give, when you give and how fast you give. Market is flooded with your competitors; the fittest and smartest one survives. To be the survivor you must learn to meet the expectations of the client.

All these points are relevant, if and only if the right person is placed at the right position. On the other hand, the relevance depends on proper dealing as well. For getting proper business-client mutual satisfaction, the dealing entities need to be right for each other.

Only when the association is right, the satisfaction level increases vehemently. It becomes easier to place the query, communicate it properly, understand it thoroughly and deliver the required service timely.

Remember, every business is prone to a pool of dissatisfied and unhappy clients. Only the right moves can help you increase or decrease the pool.