10 Great Gift Ideas For Your Business Clients

New Zealand is well known for its clean green quality image and you can make that image your own by choosing NZ made products and gifts for your business clients. Here are 10 great New Zealand gift ideas to impress your clients, enhance your reputation and make your brand stand out.

1. Coasters are the perfect gift. Coasters are small to pack, and can be easily branded with your logo. New Zealand made coasters featuring New Zealand landscapes, icons or flora and fauna are a fabulous gift for your business clients.

2. Native New Zealand Honey gift packs are an ideal way to promote your company and ensure your company is thought of in a positive light. Honey has a high degree of desirability and will be welcomed as a unique gift by your business clients. It’s long lasting, tastes delicious and is healthy too!

3. Coffee table books can be big or small but, either way, they’re the perfect business gift. You can write a special message inside, or have your logo foiled onto the cover, and you know that a book containing stunning New Zealand landscapes will be kept on show and be a great talking point.

4. Handmade New Zealand chocolates will always be well received by your business clients. The chocolates themselves may not be around for long, but the delicious memory will linger on. Treat your business clients to something really special by giving them a selection of exquisite chocolates from some of New Zealand’s most talented chocolate makers.

5. Magnetic paper clip holders are a quirky idea for a New Zealand gift to give your next business client. They will be visible on the your client’s desk, so your company name can be kept around for a long time by giving branded paper clips holders as a gift.

6. Greenstone is an iconic New Zealand stone which holds a special meaning when given as a gift to your loyal business clients. You can gift greenstone in many forms, from jewellery to artworks. The special thought that has gone into selecting greenstone will never be forgotten.

7. Gorgeous New Zealand platters are elegant gifts for your business clients and something that will be used time and time again. A platter even looks great standing alone on the business table without any food on it. You can find platters created in a wide range of shapes and sizes and from materials such as glass, wood and ceramics.

8. New Zealand Food Hampers make special gifts for your business clients. You can include wonderful New Zealand made olive oil, honey, cheese and chocolates as well as a wide variety of other NZ made products.

9. Mohair throws are a luxurious gift from New Zealand, and are perfect for that special business client who deserves the best. New Zealand mohair is soft, light and warm and will be a treasured gift for many years.

10. Paua is a delightful gift and is used to create many items including jewellery, magnets, tiles and coasters. It’s a beautiful part of New Zealand’s culture that makes an attractive statement and will certainly leave a lasting memory when given as a gift to your next business client.